Summer Camp Information

Are you new to Summer Camps here at Bethany Camp? We want to do the best that we can to prepare you and your children for their week of camp. Below you can find some general information and answers to some FAQ's that will help you better prepare your camper before their stay with us at Bethany Camp.


What time is Drop Off & Pickup? : 

We start with Registration at 6:30 PM on Sunday Night. You will park your car in Strawberry Field and head on over to the Pavilion where our staff will help you and your children get settled in for your week of camp. We will conclude the week on Friday Night at      6:30 PM with a short 30 minute program to recap the week. This will include a 15 minute video, a short update from our Executive Director, and we will conclude with the camper sign-out process.

How & When do I pay for my child's week of camp? :

While we necessarily don't have a payment deadline, we do require a $75 deposit to be made after registering your child from camp. You can make this payment by sending us a check to 1633 Bates Rd Sinclairville, NY 14782, or by paying online after registering your child. We also do recommend paying off your entire balance before dropping your child off at Bethany Camp. This will allow you to be in the Express Line and allows registration to move faster.

What is the Express Line & how do I get placed there? :

The Express Line is for those who have nailed the registration process prior to coming to camp. To get into the Express Line, you MUST have the following completed by the time you drop your camper off at Bethany Camp.


  • All registration fees must be paid to be in the yellow express.  
  • A fully completed registration form must be received before registration
  • All camp forms (Dr's orders, Health insurance, Allergy information and Paintball release form) must be completed and ready to hand in when you reach the registration table.  
  • Bistro money may be added in this registration line.


Green express is the fastest and shortest line.  No money is accepted in this line.  In order to get in this line all paperwork (registration form, Dr's orders, Health insurance, Allergy information and Paintball release form) must have been received prior to the Sunday Night registration.  In this line, cabin assignment will be given and you can then proceed straight to your cabin after you turn in any medication to the nurse

Are there any discounts for my child's week of camp? :

We currently offer an array of different discounts. The available discounts are First-Time Camper ($25), Early Bird Registration (register by May 1) ($25), Refer a Friend ($25), Multi-week Discount ($50) dollars of each week), and Mail-In Check Discount ($10). This year we will also be introducing a sibling discount (First camper pays full price, $15 for the 1st Sibling/2nd Camper, $25 for the 2nd Sibling/3rd Camper, $35 for the 3rd Sibling/4th Camper, etc.) and a Youth Camp 1 discount ($25). The registration cost for camp for Summer 2024 is $375. You can apply for these discounts through our registration portal or on the paper registration form. 

What if I can't afford to send my child to camp? :

Many of the local churches in our area have scholarship programs to help kids come to Bethany Camp.  In addition to that we offer a Scholarship Program to allow kids from the area to come to Bethany Camp who may not be able to do so without the financial aid. We have limited funds for these scholarships. You can obtain this application by calling the camp office or emailing us at

Packing List

What to Bring
  • Notebook & Pen
  • Bible
  • Sleeping Bag & Pillow
  • Clothes for activities in cool or rainy days
  • Modest Swimsuits
  • Girls: suits that fully cover your midriff and swim-shorts required
  • Modest beach cover-up
  • Towel for the beach
  • Toiletry Items and a towel
  • Spending money for the Bistro, Paintball, and Arts & Crafts

What Not To Bring

  • Electronic audio devices

  • tablets
  • iPads
  • phones
  • knives or handheld protection devices

Additional Info for Registration


All campers MUST have this form in order for the nurse to dispense any medicines to your camper.  Even if your camper has been to camp for several years, New York State REQUIRES us to obtain a new copy of the Over the Counter Dr.'s Orders (this is downloadable form), as well as a new copy of the immunization record for the camper.  Many of the area doctor offices are accustomed to this, and are more than happy to fax these two documents to us at (716)287-2216.  As faxes machines tend to be unpredictable when we need them most, they can also be emailed to  
Click here to download the OVER THE COUNTER DOCTOR FORM and the IMMUNIZATION FORM.


We begin registration on Sunday at 6:30 PM.   You may arrive early, but will not be able to begin the registration process prior to 6:30 PM.  Anyone who has ALL medical, and payments complete will be sent to the EXPRESS REGISTRATION, so it pays to get your information to camp PRIOR to your camper's arrival.  

Our week of youth camp ends Friday evening.  We will show the Week in Review video beginning at 6:30 PM, and welcome any parents/guardians to join us for the viewing.  Following the conclusion of the video, you can sign your camper out by showing your photo ID to your camper's counselor.  If someone other than yourself will be picking up your camper, please make sure that they are listed on the APPROVED PICK UP list of names.  They must still show their photo ID as well.