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Bethany Camp News

Summer Camp is here!! 

Summer Camp is close to starting within the next couple weeks! Please keep all our staff and the coming students in your prayers and that this summer will be great for all. 

Strawberry Fieldhouse

Bethany Camp is proud to announce the next goal of the Moving Forward Campaign, The Rec Center! This building is planned to be ready for use by Fall 2024 and will provide a large indoor space for activities, hangouts, and much more!  This building will have an indoor recreation space, a new Bistro area, a large meeting room that seats 220, and plenty of storage space. We need to raise about $600,000 to complete the project, and we are asking you to prayerfully consider supporting financially the work that God is going to do in and through this building. Please be in prayer for wisdom & guidance as we continue "Moving Forward"!

Moving Forward Campaign

God has incredibly blessed Bethany Camp and the ministry taking place here over the past 10 years. The Moving Forward Campaign kicked off in 2010 with the goal of creating new hospitality space and renovating the tired facilities. Here are all of the things God has done over the past 12 years.

  • Built a new facility with meeting space, a Speakers Suite & a large sleeping space for 20 people

  • Built or renovated all cabins to accommodate over 230 people

  • Rebuilt the Pavilion

  • Created a large leach bed system which led to the creation of the soccer field

  • Updated some of Bethany Camp's most popular attractions and added new activities

  • Many updates to the Lodge facilities

We are humbled to see how God continues to work and bless the ministry taking place here at Bethany Camp!

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