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Discoverers Camp

Discoverers Camp is the first time away from home and family for many of our campers in grades 3-5. We keep them busy with games, activities and chapel while they make new friends, and are well cared for by our trained counselors and staff. The Discoverers program is specifically designed for this age group with purposeful chapels, an introduction to outdoor skills, and a high energy driven program.  Whether it's zipping down the zipline, participating in exciting games and activities, or worshiping our great God in our chapels, there is something at Bethany Camp for all Discoverer campers to enjoy!

Summer Camp 2024



July 7 - July 12

Youth Camp 1 - $350



July 14 - July 19

Youth Camp 2 - $375



July 21 - July 26

Youth Camp 3 - $375



What is the Express Line & how do I get placed there 

The Express Line is for those who have nailed the registration process prior to coming to camp. To get into the Express Line, you MUST have the following completed by the time you drop your camper off at Bethany Camp.



  • All registration fees must be paid to be in the yellow express.  

  • A fully completed registration form must be received before registration

  • All camp forms (Dr's orders, Health insurance, Allergy information and Paintball release form) must be completed and ready to hand in when you reach the registration table.  

  • Bistro money may be added in this registration line.



Green express is the fastest and shortest line.  No money is accepted in this line.  In order to get in this line all paperwork (registration form, Dr's orders, Health insurance, Allergy information and Paintball release form) must have been received prior to the Sunday Night registration.  In this line, cabin assignment will be given and you can then proceed straight to your cabin after you turn in any medication to the nurse

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