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Highschool Camp

High School Camp is an amazing time of fun and growth for students in grades 9-12. This week is unique and significantly different than all of our other weeks of camp.  There are times of relationship building with people in your cabin, competition with your team for the week, and fun on your favorite Bethany Camp attractions.  We know this is a pivotal time in your child's life so we strive to deeply challenge them in their faith.  Through relevant chapel services, amazing worship, and intentional small group time within their cabins the program is always exciting and ever changing to encourage fellowship and spiritual growth among the campers.

Summer Camp 2024



June 30 - July 5

High School Camp - $375



What is the Express Line & how do I get placed there 

The Express Line is for those who have nailed the registration process prior to coming to camp. To get into the Express Line, you MUST have the following completed by the time you drop your camper off at Bethany Camp.



  • All registration fees must be paid to be in the yellow express.  

  • A fully completed registration form must be received before registration

  • All camp forms (Dr's orders, Health insurance, Allergy information and Paintball release form) must be completed and ready to hand in when you reach the registration table.  

  • Bistro money may be added in this registration line.



Green express is the fastest and shortest line.  No money is accepted in this line.  In order to get in this line all paperwork (registration form, Dr's orders, Health insurance, Allergy information and Paintball release form) must have been received prior to the Sunday Night registration.  In this line, cabin assignment will be given and you can then proceed straight to your cabin after you turn in any medication to the nurse

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