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Butternut Glen

Butternut Glen is the first of three cabins that have been recently built in the past few years. Completed for the summer of 2015, Butternut features a two story building with housing on both levels.  Butternut has the following arrangements.  

  •  8 individual rooms 

    • Each room has its own individual bathroom

    • Each room has 6 beds (1 double, 5 twins)

  • ​Sleeps up to 48 

  • Handicap Compatible (rooms 5 & 6)

  • Rooms divided into pairs as follows.  Rooms 1&2, Rooms 3&4, Rooms 5&6, Rooms 7&8


Butternut's most unique feature is that the lower level of the cabin has two rooms that are the only rooms that are 100% handicap compatible. While there are other rooms that can easily be made to be handicap accessible, Butternut 5 & 6 are the only rooms that are ready and furnished to meet those needs.

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