Bethany Camp is excited to announce that we are moving forward with building the next structure of our Moving Forward campaign: the Strawberry Fieldhouse!

As many of you know, we have begun the next step in our master plan by preparing the site to build a much-needed recreation building. While we know that buildings do not have spiritual value, we believe that this new building will open many doors to ministry that will impact many lives spiritually. The new “Strawberry Fieldhouse” will include a large gym area, new meeting room, larger Bistro, large lounge area, and storage areas for equipment and supplies.

We are asking if your church and individuals would prayerfully consider assisting us in seeing this new ministry tool come to life. We believe that the entire project will cost around $600,000 to be completed and fully furnished. We have divided the projects into three stages. The first stage would be to construct the gym area and side buildings necessary to see the building through this coming winter. Stage two would be to complete all the surrounding structures. Stage three would be to complete all the finish work, furnishings, and equipment.  Stage one estimated cost to complete is $290,000, Stage two estimated cost to complete is $175,000 and Stage three estimated cost to complete is $135,000. We currently have $240,000 in hand. 

Our plan for timing is to seek to pour the foundation and floor of the gym area before summer camp and begin construction in September in order to get as much enclosed as possible before winter.

Stage One - Reached!

Stage One will involve building the main gym area, and the smaller side structures surrounding it that are necessary to ensure the building survives the winter. We hope to begin this stage as soon as possible and have it completed before the winter begins. It will take approximately $290,000 to begin stage one. We need approximately $45,000 more to kick stage one off.

Drawing done by Williams Architecture.

Stage Two

Stage two involves building the rest of the surrounding pieces around the gym and completing the structure of the main building. This would complete the main frame of the building, and get us ready to finish and furnish the building. We estimate the cost of stage two to be $175,000.

Stage Three

Stage three will involve all the finishing and furnishing of the building. It will include all the equipment for the meeting room, the gym, the Bistro, tables, chairs, etc. We estimate the cost for stage three to be $135,000.

Will you help us?

We can't take on this task alone. We need partners to help us in the growing of God's ministry. If you feel led to help by donating, please feel free to hit the button below or print out one of our campaign promise forms and mail it with a check to
Bethany Camp

1633 Bates Rd.

Sinclairville, NY 14782


Thank you for considering how God might lead you to be a part of our ministry here at Bethany Camp.