Built right around 1990 and freshly remodeled in time for Summer 2020, Walnut Grove has served and housed many people over the years. A two story building that has 8 individual rooms equipped with a full bathroom, 1 double bed along with several twins.  Walnut Grove can hold as many as 56 people when at full capacity on it's top floor. There are 4 rooms with 8 beds and 4 rooms with 6 beds. Walnut is a camp favorite not only because of the amazing atmosphere the living space holds, but because the basement level is the home of our Bethany Camp Bistro. Here you can find many delicious treats to sweeten up your day! 


Originally built in the mid 1980's Spruce Lane has served the camp for many years. Receiving a thorough remodel in 2017, Spruce can now hold up to 48 campers throughout the 8 rooms that are equipped with a full bathroom, a double bed, and 5 twins in each room. Each one of these rooms has 6 beds. Spruce is also highlighted with a long deck on each side of the cabin that is perfect for hanging out & playing games!


Butternut Glen is the first of three cabins that have been newly built in the past few years. Completed for the summer of 2015, Butternut features a two story building with housing on both levels and can sleep up to 48.  There are 8 individual rooms each with its own bathroom and each has 6 beds (1 double, 5 twins). Butternut's most unique feature is that the lower level of the cabin has two rooms that are the only rooms that are 100% handicap compatible. While there are other rooms that can easily be made to be handicap accessible, Butternut 5&6 are the only rooms that are ready and furnished to meet those needs.


Cherry Hollow was constructed for use in 2018.  This cabin has 6 rooms, each with its own bathroom, and 6 beds (1 double, 5 twins). Cherry also has an apartment that is used to house gap year students and interns.  Cherry also has large covered porches, creating the perfect space for games & hangouts!


Housing it's first campers in 2022, Willow Rise is the newest member of our sleeping quarters! With it's ability to sleep 48 campers in 6 rooms, Willow has made it possible for the camp to host 250 people at once! Nestled behind Cherry, this cabin also features an apartment that will house the camps intern & gap year students, along with any other housing need that comes up throughout the year!


To call this a cabin would simply be an understatement. Built in 2013, Hemlock Hill has been a very useful tool in the ministry happening here at Bethany Camp. Hemlock is a large 2 story complex that holds some unique features. The upper level has a large room that can sleep 20, and has 3 full bathrooms leaving it a perfect place for our groups to use during the off-season and is home to our summer staff and volunteers. The upper level is also highlighted with a housing space that sleeps our guest speakers and their family. This space resembles a hotel-like room with a queen sized bed and a full bathroom, along with a separate room equipped with four beds for the children. This building is finished off with a large conference room on the lower level. Able to comfortably seat around 70 guests, this room serves the purpose of a meeting space for many different things. With a sound system also installed in this room, this meeting space can also be used for times of worship,

Applewood Lodge

Applewood Lodge is the beating heart to Bethany Camp. Here you can find the camp offices, tasty food, chapel services, tabletop games, The Popular Conference Room, and a great place to get away from the rain! No matter what your need is, Applewood Lodge is ready to accomodate it! With a Dining hall and Chapel that can seat 250 people each, this building can be used in many different ways! During the Summer Season, this space is also home to our Nurses Station and the housing space for our male staff.


Built in time for the Summer of 2019, The Pavilion has served as a very useful space. In the summer, you can find many different programming activities taking place here. From Basketball, to Floor Hockey, Archery, and Blacklight Dodgeball, this space can be used for just about anything. In the the winter season, this space serves as an ice rink for Boot Hockey, a newly founded game for our winter retreats.

Soccer Field

The Soccer Field was formed in 2018 after a large leach field project created a coveted flat piece of land. This has slowly become the field of choice when playing games during our summer program as well as many other activities. On the left side of this field, you can find a arena that is home to our Bethany Camp Gopher Ball. Here contestants stand in a barrel that is dug into the ground and play a game similar to human foosball.