Camp Facilities

Since the purchase of our facility in 1970, there have been many changes to our beautiful campground. Since 2014, we have remodeled two cabins, built two new cabins, built a building for summer staff and retreat groups that includes a meeting room and a separate bedroom designed for summer speakers and their families, rebuilt our Pavilion, built a new staff home, and added or restored many other Bethany Camp Attractions and Facilities!

We are blessed to have received several donations, volunteer workers, and supplies to continue moving forward with the expansion of Bethany Camp. To view the different facilities here at camp, simply click through the campground photos pictures on the bottom of this page.

For information about the exhaustive layout of our "Moving Forward" proposal please contact us at and see what is soon to come at Bethany Camp!

Main Lodge

The main lodge is the beating heart of Bethany Camp. Here you can enjoy many different activities through your stay at Bethany Camp. Upstairs you can find our Dining Room where our Kitchen Staff is always preparing delicious meals for you and your family, and our main offices where you can find a friendly face to assist you with your needs. The downstairs portion of this building is home to our chapel, program office, conference room, nurses station, and extra lodging for staff and rental groups.

Spruce Lane

A Fresh new look is taking over Bethany Camp. This Cabin was remodeled for the summer of 2016 and has a total capacity of 48. It has 8 carpeted rooms, with one full size bed, and five twin size beds. Each room has their own private entrance and bathroom with walk-in shower and individual heat for the winter.  the 8 rooms are also set up in adjoining pairs with double locking doors between them.  The long porches in front and back make great places to hang out in the summer and provide protection from the snow in the winter.

Butternut Glen

This cabin was opened in the summer of 2015. The total capacity is 48 people with eight private rooms, four on top and four on bottom. Each set of 2 rooms has double doors between them to be used as one room for kids camp cabins or larger guest groups. Each carpeted room has five twin beds and one full bed, its own private bathroom with walk in shower and individual heat. The downstairs portions of this cabin are also handicap accessible while the upstairs portions hold large porches that are perfect for hanging out with friends and family.

Cherry Hollow

Cherry Hollow is a brand new cabin that was completed for Summer 2018.  The guest group capacity is 36.  It is very similar to Butternut with slightly larger rooms and larger porches.  It has 4 private rooms upstairs with 2 adjoining rooms on each end.  The downstairs has 2 adjoining rooms on the end closest to camp.  The other half of the downstairs is a small 2 bedroom apartment that will be used for summer staff, interns or pastor's getaway.   Each of the 6 guestrooms has a private entrance, private bathroom with walk in shower and individual heat.  Each room has a double bed and 5 twins.



Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove was built in the 1990's and has just recently received a complete makeover that was finished in June of 2020. This cabin has 8 rooms that hold a total of 56 campers. Each room is equipped with individual entries from the outside, twin beds, a full sized bed, electric and heat, and it's own private bathroom. Each bathroom contains a walk-in shower with a bench and a door to seperate it from the rest of the bathroom. There is also a large porch on each side of the cabin which create a perfect place to hangout with friends and family!

Hemlock Hill

This Cabin was completed in 2014. The sleeping capacity is 26.  It is a multipurpose building with housing and meeting room space. Upstairs we have a private housing area, typically used for the speaker, the main bedroom has one full size bed a couch and desk a separate back bedroom has four twin size beds. It also has a family style bathroom with a bathtub/shower unit.  On the other side of the upstairs is one large room with 20 Beds and three individual bathrooms. Downstairs we have a multi-purpose room with two bathrooms. this room comfortable seats 80 people and can be used all season.  It is equipped with a stage and audio/visual equipment that is sufficient for most groups. This room is a great meeting place for your next group outing here at Bethany Camp.

Oak Ridge

Oak is one of our classic cabins, with a total capacity of 24.  It is unique in that it has two larger rooms with 1 double bed and 11 twin beds. These are great for large families or for having a larger group all in one room. The 2 rooms open up to a main room that has 4 individual bathrooms, each with a sink, toilet and shower.  The bathrooms were remodeled in 2008. This cabin is set to be rebuilt like Cherry Hollow in the coming years.

Pine Ledge

One of our more classic cabins, its capacity is 24.  It has 4 rooms each with a double bed and 5 twin beds.  Each room opens into a main room that has 4 individual bathrooms, each with sink, toilet and shower.  The bathrooms were remodeled in 2009.  We plan to rebuild this cabin in a few years to be like the newly remodeled Cherry Hollow.


Craft Shack

This former snack shack, as of late is now used for various crafts such as tie-die and other fun activities. We may be redoing this into a all season game room, filled with carpet-ball, ping-pong, and board games!