Retreat Group Policies

There are a few things that any rental group needs to know in order to hold a retreat at Bethany Camp. 

This is not an exhaustive explanation, so please be sure to contact the camp office

with any questions concerning our policies and procedures.  

First, in order to reserve a weekend, a non-refundable deposit of

approximately 25%  of the minimum cost is due, as well as a signed contract. 

The minimum cost is determined by multiplying the price per person  with the

minimum number of people the rental group plans to bring. While we encourage group leaders

to set low minimum numbers, setting a higher minimum number can result in a lower price per person.  

Second, in order to hold a retreat at Bethany Camp, the minimum number must be at least 30 people. 

However, if two or more groups are on the same weekend and have a combined total of

more than 30 people, then the minimum number of 30 per group is not required. 

Third, the group leader must be in agreement with and use the facilities

in such a way to promote our mission statement.

Finally, when a rental group uses the camp, we will ask the group coordinator

to sign a contract that says the following things:

I understand that Bethany Camp reserves the right to schedule other groups at the same time should facilities and schedules allow.

I understand that final payment is due upon arrival. I will let the camp office know

before I arrive if other arrangements need to be made.  

I understand that no pets or animals are to be brought upon the camp grounds.

I understand that the deposit is non-refundable.

I understand that full payment of minimum cost is required if cancellation is made

and if no group of the same size can be found for the same weekend.  


I understand that I am required to pay at least the minimum cost, even if I bring a total number

of people less than the minimum attendance listed above.  

I understand that I am responsible for any damage my group may cause, whether by

accident or on purpose, to the property of Bethany Camp.  

I understand that a book is maintained in the office containing all existing damage to the buildings, 

and upon arrival, I have the opportunity to examine the book to make sure it is current.  

I understand that once my group has moved out of the cabins and lodge, a member of

Bethany Camp will walk through the cabins to check for any new damage. 

If new damage is found or if cleaning must be done beyond reasonable expectations, 

a fee determined appropriate by Bethany Camp may be charged.