New Cabin alert

It is with great joy that we announce that we will be starting a brand new cabin project in the upcoming year! For those of you that have been around our camp, you may have noticed that Pine Ledge & and Oak Ridge have welcomed the stay of many campers over the years and have started to show characteristics that supports that fact. With the creation of this new cabin, we hope to retire these cabins and move the location of it right across from Hemlock Hill. We still have a great financial need in order to start this project so if you feel the willingness to donate towards this cabin, please contact the camp office to find out on how you can support us as we prepare ourselves to move forward with this project.

The Craft Shack

There is a large amount of history and stories behind this one small building. When this building was first built, it served as our Snack Shack for many years. With the creation of our Bethany Bistro, this building had lost it's use until it was reformed into our Craft Shack for our crafty people of Bethany Camp, in which it also became famous for the production center for all those "Tye Dye Friday" shirts. And now, this building is once again being reformed into an all new attraction for our Bethany Camp campers!

This year, we will be starting a new project on renovating our craft shack to flip it into a gaming room for our campers, retreat groups, and other guests that visit our camp. This is one more baby step towards our goal of having space to be able to host a second smaller group during our retreat season! If you feel led to help with this project, we are looking for supplies to fill this room up with such as tabletop games like foosball and air hockey, board and card games, and other fun activities to do in a small place as well as raise funds to be able to complete this project. Please be in prayer for this project as we are excited for the opportunities it opens up for the many guests that visit the camp every year! 

Multipurpose building

If you have been keeping tabs with us here at Bethany Camp, you may have heard about plans for a large recreational building. This building is our next step for our projects here at camp, and is also a big part of the "Moving Forward" initiative that was started a few years ago. This building would allow our camp to expand in so many ways. First, this would give us an opportunity to host more groups at the camp. Second, this would allow us to accommodate activities that may have been changed due to inclement weather. Third, this building will give us more space for meetings, new offices, and possibly a new chapel. Finally, this building could have the potential to be used for community outreach programs as we widen our impact in the schools and communities near Bethany Camp. There is a lot more information on this future building project. To hear more, attend one of our vision dinners to hear about this and many more future initiatives. Click here (/get-involved/vision-dinners) to find out information on our upcoming vision dinners.


Completed in time for the Summer of 2019, the Pavillion has been a huge blessing to our camp! From being host to Basketball and Pickleball Tournaments, transforming into an ice rink in the winter time, and being the place to find shelter during the rainstorms, the Pavilion has become a very popular place at Bethany Camp. Since it's completion in 2019, we have added LED Lights, blacklights, netting around the outside for games and archery, and turf on the hangout end of the Pavilion. For the Summer of 2022, we have plans to put in a Rock Climbing wall as well as a High Ropes Course alongside the outer walls of the Pavilion.