Bethany Camp Man 2 Man Retreat


5:00 PM Friday - 4:00 PM Saturday

Our Man 2 Man retreat is designed for men of all ages, teenagers to grandfathers, who need some time away "with the boys." If you are looking for a time of spiritual challenge and growth, strengthened faith in your Father God, and a time of amazing brotherly friendship THIS RETREAT IS FOR YOU. Come join us for a time of friendly competition in all sorts of games and activities. Listed below are some of the things that we offer at our Man 2 Man retreat.

-Challenging Chapels

-Practical Workshops

-Fun Competition

- Shooting Range

- Sports & Activities

- Paintball

- Comfortable Cabins

-Great Food

The cost for this event is $55 per person. This price includes 3 meals including a savory steak dinner on Friday night, and an overnight stay in one of our cabins. Paintball is available for an extra $15 per person. If you would like to find out more on this event or register you and your guys,  give the camp office a call at