Family Camp

Family Camp will be the highlight of the summer for the whole family! Bethany Camp offers fun activities and attractions for all ages. Jump into an activity or hang out and relax. Your whole family will be encouraged and challenged through our age-appropriate chapels. There is no better vacation value than a week at family camp! Our staff here at Bethany Camp is devoted to serving you as you spend a week here. Just load up the car, drive yourselves here, and let our staff take care of the rest as we offer exciting games and activities for the whole family, delicious meals that we prepare, and a hospitable staff that is at your disposal and committed to serving you as you spend your time at Bethany Camp!

Fun for the whole family!

FAMILY CAMP #1: July 27 - August 1, 2020

FAMILY CAMP #2: August 3 - 8, 2020

FAMILY CAMP #3: August 10 - 15, 2020

Family Camp Pricing Policy  

   - Walnut, Spruce, Cherry, Butternut : $650/Week

   - Oak : $575/Week

   - Pine : $450/Week

   - Tent : $275/Week

   - Trailer : $350/Week

   - Visitor Overnight : $25 per Night

   - Visitor Meal : $10 per person

   - Visitor Afternoon : $8 per person

The price per room includes the price for two people staying throughout the week. For any dependent child, there is an extra charge of $110 per week. This charge applies to grandparents bringing grandchildren as well

Everyone else that stays, falls into the "Additional Persons" category. This would include friends, other relatives, and non-dependent children. The costs are :

   - $120 for ages 3 - 5

   - $145 for ages 6 - 12

   - $170 for ages 13+