rental price information

For a minimum of 25 people, the prices would range in the following:

1-Night, 3-Meals: $43.00 - $45.00 per person

2-Nights, 5-Meals: $75.00 - $77.00 per person

The price for the retreat is all-inclusive, meaning that it covers all of the following:

A meeting space, lodging, food, and all activities (except for paintball). Activities may cost more if an extra amount of time is desired and more equipment/staff is needed for activities.

Please note that the prices are approximations, and are subject to change slightly based on the following factors:

The minimum number of people guaranteed

The type of meals chosen (e.g. breakfast is less expensive than dinner)

The menu of each meal (which is chosen by the group leader)

The different activities desired by the group