Walnut Grove Remodel

Walnut is getting a fresh look! So far, we have gotten a new roof and porches on the cabin, we have completed rooms 3 and 4 and are very close to finishing rooms 1 and 2, and the cabins' layout has been rotated 90 degrees. We still have a long way to go on this project as we still have half of the cabin left. We are still in need of plumbing work, inner wall layout, installment of windows and doors, installment and tiling of bathrooms, and much more. Please continue to be in prayer for this project as we continue to make progress and feel free to contact us to learn how you can get involved! 


The Pavilion project is completely finished besides a few finishing touches! Thank you so much to everyone who has given so much time and resources into providing this facility. This allows us to expand our programs in many ways during the summer and even during the winter. This building will be home to our newly introduced Ice Hockey Rink for when the winter season is upon us. We look forward to the many new things still to come in the future, God is so Good!

Multipurpose building

If you have been keeping tabs with us here at Bethany Camp, you may have heard about plans for a large recreational building. This building is our next step for our projects here at camp, and is also a big part of the "Moving Forward" initiative that was started a few years ago. This building would allow our camp to expand in so many ways. First, this would give us an opportunity to host more groups at the camp. Second, this would allow us to accommodate activities that may have been changed due to inclement weather. Third, this building will give us more space for meetings, new offices, and possibly a new chapel. Finally, this building could have the potential to be used for community outreach programs as we widen our impact in the schools and towns around us in an attempt to build community among the areas surrounding us. There is a lot more information on this future building project. To hear more, attend one of our vision dinners to hear about this and many more future initiatives. Click here (/get-involved/vision-dinners) to find out information on our upcoming vision dinners.