Prayer Requests

Gas Well

     - For the past few years, we at Bethany Camp have struggled with our gas situation. Our gas well has been on the fringe of not having enough resources to provide for the winter retreat season and we have struggled to find a solution. Please pray that God would open a door to provide for this need.

Walnut Remodel Project

     - We are currently undergoing a remodel of Walnut! There is still a long way to go with this project but the whole project is completely funded for! Please pray for the continued process of this project.

Multipurpose Building

     - This is one of our "Moving Forward" products. This facility will act as a retreat center. It will have offices, a gym, conference rooms, and other facilities. Please pray that God would provide for this plan that would open the door to new and exciting future events and opportunities!

The Abbey Family

     - Please pray for the family of our long-time volunteer and friends, The Abbey Family. Their father, husband, and grandfather Jack, unexpectedly died in a car accident on January 15th. Jack served in may ways in the community and here at Bethany Camp for many years.


The Abers Family

     - Lottie Abers has been our long-time nurse here at Bethany Camp. She recently had hip surgery after a fall. Please pray for the recovery process!

Summer Camp Staff

     - With the summer season around the corner, we are looking to complete our summer staff lineup. Please be in prayer as we finalize positions with those who have applied, and as we look to fulfill positions that we still have not filled yet.