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Summer camp 2020

2020 Youth Camp Cancelation Notice

With great sadness we make the announcement that we will not be having our youth camp weeks for the summer of 2020.  At this point, the state of NY has not allowed county health departments to issue permits for overnight camps and there is little chance this will happen in time for us to plan and operate.  We are so very disappointed for each of the campers who were looking forward to camp with great anticipation.  Know that we will redouble our efforts to create an even more amazing camp for the summer of 2021.   

In the meantime, we have been given hope that family camps will be able to operate with potential modifications.  We are also planning some “A La Carte family camp options during the first three weeks of July.  Look for more information on our website. 

For all of those registered for youth camps we are providing three options for all funds that have been paid.   

Option 1:  We can roll over your funds paid toward your camper for 2021 or for part of family camp payments for this summer.   

Option 2:  We can issue you a refund of all funds including your deposit by check. 

Option 3:  You can consider donating some or all your funds to the camp to help us keep operating in what has been a difficult financial time. 

Please notify the camp office of your preference.  We will work to honor your requests as soon as possible. 

Bethany Camp

COVID-19 Response statement

March 18, 2020

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of information and reactions to COVID-19 virus. As an organization that focuses on caring for and loving people, we want to have a reaction that exemplifies those characteristics. We also believe strongly that we serve The Almighty God and that nothing takes place without His knowledge and that for those who love Him, He will work out all things for good (Romans 8).

Our mission statement is "to create an environment for spiritual growth and change." Given the circumstances that we are currently experiencing, to ensure we are truly providing for that environment, we are choosing to follow the mandates and recommendations that have been given to us by our governmental authorities. We believe that by doing this we are honoring the Lord. Our decisions are not based on fear of what could happen but obedience and consideration to others.

For the short term, this means specifically the postponement of the March 21st Vision Dinner which may be relocated to a later date this spring. We also will be cancelling our Spring Quirky Hobby Weekends, which were to be held on the days of March 25 - 28 and April 1 - 4. At this point, we will reserve decisions for future events after these dates, and will continue to provide updates via our website and social media outlets.

Most importantly, we encourage you all to pray for the leaders of our country and local governments and that they will make wise decisions. Please pray that our friends and loved ones who have previous health issues that are most susceptible, will be protected and that we will see the potential threats dissipate quickly. Also pray that people will take advantage of these unprecedented times to have positive spiritual conversations with others and seek to be an example of faith in the Lord. Lastly, pray for us, churches, and other ministries that we will be able to resume ministry in group settings very soon!

- Bethany Camp Staff

Jack Abbey

With great sadness we share news of the unexpected death of Jack Abbey. Jack has played a huge role in the ministry here at Bethany Camp for many years and in many ways. Jack served on our board for over 10 years and for the last several has been the board chairman. More importantly, for more than 30 years Jack has volunteered his time, expertise and equipment. His contributions have been an integral part of the significant facility improvements in the last 10 years. 

Because of Jack many young people have come to know the Lord and many others have grown spiritually. We ask you to pray for his wife Gerri, daughter Janice and her husband Jon and their kids, daughter Jill and son Mark and his wife Cara. While we are greatly saddened at the loss for them, we praise the Lord in knowing that Jack knew Jesus as his personal Savior. Because of this we know that he is now rejoicing in heaven.