our mission

creating an environment for spiritual growth and change

Bethany Camp's mission, the drive behind everything that we do, is to create a safe environment that allows, encourages, and cultivates spiritual growth and change. When your family attends Bethany Camp, it is our goal to provide you with enjoyment, laughter, and unique experiences with God and his creation.

From children to families or individuals to whole church bodies we are committed to creating an environment of joy, rest, refreshment, and encouragement as we interact and dwell within the truth of God's Word.  .

Our goal is to take care of all physical, emotional, and social needs that you may have in order to help remove any hindrances that may be keeping you from growing closer to our God and Savior. In the place of those hindrances, we seek to provide joy, love, hope, and encouragement from God to you right where you are. 

Bethany Camp is here to serve God by serving the wonderful people who come to our camp, and we are motivated and excited to see the incredible transformations God has performed in the lives of His children through our ministry.

our vision

As Bethany Camp grows and changes, it is our desire always live to share the greatest message of hope that has changed us all forever:

In Jesus alone are hope, joy, peace, and security found. We believe in God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit - who lives within us to guide us toward the heart of God. 

Our vision as a camp is to focus on God's will for our ministry and the influence he desires to have through us. Join us in praying for provision, focus, and excellence in the growing expansion of our facility and influence as a ministry.

For additional information about the vision for the physical growth of our facility in the upcoming years click here.